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Common Abbreviations

The language of the oil industry has evolved into thousands of terms and abbreviations.

Abbreviations commonly used by our engineers

See above to order the “D&D Standard Oil Abbreviator”

AFE – authorization for expenditure
ANC – anchor
AOF – Absolute Open Flow potential (gas well)
ARO – at the rate of
BBL – barrel (42 US gallons)
BBLS – barrels
BLO – blow
BO – barrels of oil
BOP – blowout preventer
BOPD – barrels oil per day
BOPH– barrels oil per hour
BOPS  – blowout preventer string
BPM – barrel per minute
BSW – bottom sediment water
BU – build up
BW – barrels of water
BWTA – blow well to atmosphere
CF – casing flange
CHK – choke
CIBP – Cast Iron Bridge Plug
CIRC – Circulate
CLR also COLR – collar
CP – casing pressure
CSG – casing
DN – down
FCP – flowing casing pressure
FTP – flowing tubing pressure
FTS – fluid to surface
G – gas
GR – gamma ray tool
HBP – Mineral acreage Held by Production
ISITP – initial shut-in tubing pressure
INJ – inject
JTS – joints
K – thousand
KCL WTR – potassium chloride water
LD – lay down
LCM – lost circulation material
LN – line
LVL – level
MCF – thousand cubic feet
MCFD – thousand cubic feet per day
MI – move in
MIRU – move in and rig up
MMCF – million cubic feet
MMCFD – million cubic feet per day
MWD – Measurements while drilling
OCC – Oklahoma Corporation Commission
P – pump
P&A – plugged and abandoned
PBTD – plugged back total depth
PERF – perforate
PKR – packer
PU – Pumping Unit, also “pick up”
RBP – retrievable bridge plug
RD – rig down
REP – repair
RKX – Rock Salt  
RLS – release
RU – rig up
SD – sand
SD -shut down
SFC – surface
SI – shut in
SIBU – shut in for build up
SICP – shut in casing pressure
SITP – shut in tubing pressure
SLV – sleeve
SN – seating nipple
SPF – shots per foot
ST – start
SW – salt water
SWDW – salt water disposal well
SWB – swab
SX – sacks
TB – tank battery
TBG – tubing
TBF – total barrels of fluid
TD – total depth
TH  – tight hole
TIH – trip in the hole
TKS – tanks
TOC – Top of Cement
TOF – Top of fluid
TOH – trip out of hole
TRT – treat
TRTD – treated
WH – well head
WKOR – Work Over Rig
WLBR – Wellbore
WL – wireline
WOB – Weight on bit
WOC – Waiting on Cement (to cure)
WOCR – Waiting on Completion Rig
WTR – water
X-O – turn around

The D&D Standard Oil and Gas Abbreviator

The Association of Desk and Derrick Clubs published a complete listing of over 11,500 commonly used abbreviations and definitions used in the oil industry.  To obtain your own copy, contact PennWell Books in Tulsa, Oklahoma or order directly by going to: http://www.tulsadandd.net/abbreviator/

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