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We have established a rock solid track record of results in our 31 years in the oil and gas business with the numbers to back it up.


We have invested heavily in modern 3D seismic technology to ensure we have the best subsurface information possible.


We manage the entire process from prospect development to revenue distribution to ensure a great experience for our partners.


We pride ourselves on first-class service and communication.  Hear from our partners about their experiences working with us.


The Numbers Don’t Lie.

Total Wells Drilled

Ranken Energy has drilled 375 wells in our 31 year history.

3D Seismic Wells Drilled

We have drilled 193 wells since we started using 3D seismic in 2001.


Successful 3D Prospects

Of the 109 3D seismic prospects assembled to date, 70 have been successful.

Net Net Revenue Distributed

Total NET NET revenue distributed since 2001, in USD.


Our investment in 3D Seismic technology is at the heart of our success.

3D Seismic Video Illustration

Source: Luke Patrick Illustrations (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-ze_K8yP70)

We started relying heavily on 3D Seismic since 2001

Ranken has collected, on a proprietary basis, 324 square miles of new, modern, high effort 3D seismic data in a fairway located in south-central Oklahoma in which we have identified 143 structural prospects. The drilling we have done of those prospects to date has confirmed with a drill bit the structural features presented on the 3D data.

Most Ranken Energy prospects are first identified with solid subsurface geology, older 2D seismic data, and single fold data if applicable.  Then a decision is made to risk the next level of confirmation utilizing 3D seismic data. After a thorough interpretation of the 3D data, a critical analysis of the final product is reviewed by our technical staff.  Only then are the results shown to management where the decision is made to pursue leasing and negotiations with the surface owner(s) in preparation to begin drilling.  

Ranken Energy 3D Seismic Project Gallery

Want to learn more about 3D seismic and the Ranken Energy advantage?


Our team has been doing this for over 31 years, we know a thing or two about a thing or two.

Combined Years of Industry Experience

Ranken Energy comprehensively manages the entire process from exploration and operations to revenue distribution.  Our team ensures that every project is held to the highest standards with the best communication possible.

Exploration & Development

Our technical team manages 100% of our prospect evaluation and development activities utilizing years of geophysical expertise in our prospect areas.

Operations Management

As an operator, we directly manage all drilling, completion, and production operations for all of our projects with a seasoned team of industry veterans.


We facilitate all administrative activities including revenue distribution, joint interest billing, joint interest operating agreements, monthly and annual investor reports, and regulatory filings.


Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our partners have to say.

“Our family office has invested with Ranken Energy for over a decade, and we continue to drill with them today.  They have always been one of the best operators we’ve worked with, being both fair and consistent in their operations.  Furthermore, they are available to their investors to answer questions, provide updates, and even discuss future development plans and opportunities – more so than almost any other operator in our experience.  I have come to appreciate these traits more and more over the years.  We have enjoyed working with them and look forward to continuing our relationship going forward and, of course, finding more oil!”  

-Monty Moncrief

Manager, Moncrief Investments. Fort Worth, TX.

“My name is Stan Wiley and I am an independent producer, investor and consultant from Fort Worth, Texas.  This letter will serve to introduce Ranken Energy and its president Mr. Randy Coy.  It is my pleasure to recommend them for participating in any endeavor you may be considering.  I have invested and worked with Mr. Coy and his team for well over 10 years.  Mr. Coy is a man of integrity who is forthright in his thinking.  He is a straight shooter and Ranken Energy possesses such strengths as honesty, loyalty and genuine concern for their fellow partners.  Mr. Coy has proven many times that he does have the nose to find oil.  It is very rare these days to find people with the above mentioned qualities and I highly recommend them for investing.  I intend to be working and investing alongside them for years to come.”

-Stan Wiley

Manager, Stan Wiley Resources, LLC. Fort Worth, TX.

“As a Real Estate developer, we started diversifying in oil and gas nearly 15 years ago and Randy Coy was highly recommended. While we started investing small with Ranken Energy, Randy was always available to explain to us the oil and gas business, how it works and advise us on what to do. We appreciate Randy’s honesty and integrity in business and look forward to investing with Ranken for the next 15 years and beyond.”

-Jalal Farzaneh

Manager, MJM Energy, LLC. Oklahoma City, OK.

“As an oil and gas operator and investor, I understand the risks and complexities involved in the energy industry.  In that regard, for many years, I have invested in several of Ranken’s drilling prospects as part of my company’s overall business strategy. Ranken has been a reliable and trusted partner.”

-Jay F

Owner, CBS Energy LLC. Oklahoma City, OK.

“We have been associated with Ranken Energy for several years and have been impressed with their operations.  I have been involved in oil and gas for 35+ years and Ranken Energy, in my opinion, ranks close to the top of Oil & Gas Operators.”

-John R. Brown

CIO/ SR VP, Klabzuba Oil & Gas Inc. Fort Worth, TX.

“Trust and communication set the cornerstone for any meaningful, long-lasting business relationship.  Even more so in the oil and gas business where the highs and lows can reach extremes.  Randy Coy and his team at Ranken Energy have always been heavy on communication and honesty.  As a side bonus, they consistently find oil!”

-Eric Rosel

Manager, Asbury, LLC. Denver, CO.

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