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The Ranken Energy Team

Est. 1986

Ranken Energy Corporation was formed in June 1986, by Randolph L. Coy as a conservative oil and gas exploration and production company.  The primary focus of the company is to develop and drill high quality, technically sound prospects.

Our History

The company initially focused its exploration, development and acquisition efforts in the oil-rich Mid-Continent area of the United States. From this base, the company expanded operations into other states. Operational bonds and permits were held in Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Utah, and Texas. Ranken and our associates have vast experience in these geological provinces; with the average experience of each associate being 40 years or greater.

We have since divested of the far-flung holdings and concentrated our attention and efforts using our 3D seismic data in a four-county area of Central Oklahoma. Since 2001 we have drilled 193 wells and we distributed $228 million to our Working Interest Partners. With our recently acquired 3D seismic database of 324 square miles we are poised to drill some more. 

Randolph L. Coy


Randy Coy graduated from Wright State University with a degree in Geology. His first job in the oil industry was in Midland, Texas as a Computer on a GSI seismograph crew.  Exxon hired him after his arrival in Midland, where he was cross-trained as a geophysicist and moved to Oklahoma City in that capacity in 1980.  During his tenure with Exxon he also studied Oil and Gas Production Economics and Risk Analysis under R. K. Megill (noted authority and author of several texts on the subject). Randy has put that training to good use in the years since.  He was recruited to Energy Reserves Group (ERG) in 1981 where he became Exploration Manager of the Oklahoma City office.  When BHP acquired ERG he was retained as Mid-Continent Exploration Manager.

In 1986, BHP decided to abandon the mid-continent as an exploration province, Randy elected to start Ranken Energy in lieu of transferring to Houston. This decision also realized his desire to be in business for himself.  In spite of the difficult market of the years since founding the company, Mr. Coy has managed to steadily increase the company’s reserves and enjoys a stellar reputation for honesty and fair play.

Karen Kuntz

General Manager

Karen has the most tenure of any of our staff members. At one time or another, she has handled each of Ranken’s daily office responsibilities. Those experiences prepared her to uniquely organize our office operations and implement numerous efficiencies to our operations as we grew.
As General Manager she oversees every aspect of office operations; a daunting task considering the number of wells we drill. (Up to 30 during some years.)

Leslie Ellason

Executive Coordinator

Leslie came to Ranken with considerable experience working as a paralegal in the legal industry for over 12 years.  During this time she handled case management for workers compesation, personal injury, civil rights litigation, divorce and various other facets of the law.

At Ranken, Leslie handles our Accounts Receivable, Joint Interest Billing, Revenue disbursement, drilling reports, Partner relations, royalty interest management, and Legal along with general office duties.  

Gene Duncan

Gene Duncan Consulting Inc.

Engineering & Drilling Consultants

Gene Duncan, Inc. represents over 35 years experience as drilling and engineering specialist. Gene Duncan personally began with Fenix and Scisson while still in college at Central State University in Edmond, Oklahoma. He became senior drilling foreman for Donald C. Slawson Oil Producers and later a drilling foreman for Conoco where he completed the Conoco Drilling Supervisor Training Program.
Besides oil and gas drilling in every major basin in the Western US, Gene has drilled large diameter bores for underground nuclear testing operations, bores for geothermal energy production, and he has been a drilling systems design manager for Christensen Diamond Products.

Charles Brown

Marketing Consultant

Charles is a graduate electrical engineer with over forty years professional experience in the oil and gas industry. His original training was as a geophysical instrumentation engineer and geophysicist for Texaco at the time digital recording of seismic data was being introduced to the industry.
During his career, he has been a company owner and vice president of three companies. Having tried retirement, he elects to remain active in the business.
Mr. Brown is an Emeritus Member of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists and Honorary Life Member of the Oklahoma City Geophysical Society.

Gail McCraw

Administrative Assistant

Gail has been an employee of Ranken Energy for four years, after having spent over 35 years in the accounting, banking, legal and public utility industries. 20 of those years were in the engineering department of a worldwide manufacturer of oilfield drilling equipment.

Among Gail’s responsibilities are preparing and documenting the Master Service Contracts, updating General Liability and Worker’s Compensation Insurance Certificates, Accounts Payable activities and preparing various monthly reports. 

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