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Previous Projects

Here are a few highlights from our previous activity.

Previous Project Highlights –  Take a look at a several of our successes from past prospects.  For more information please feel free to get in touch.

Leflore Prospect

Total Depth: 6,480′

Date of first production:  12/20/2008

IP = Flowing 389 BOPD on 12/64″ Choke

Cumulative Production to Date = 1,053,336 Barrels of Oil

Project Summary: 

Our Leflore Prospect came out of our 3D seismic database as a 25-acre feature in an area that had not been actively drilled for years. A 25-acre target over a mile below through solid rock is a very small target. Further, the landowner would not allow us to remove any of his 50-year old pecan orchard trees. We set the drill rig near the road and using directional motors drilled toward a subterranean X-Y coordinate. The feature had 100 feet of pay sand and ultimately delivered over one million barrels of oil from that 25-acre feature. It could only have been found with high-quality 3D seismic data and a staff with many, many years of experience. Over $49,000,000 has been distributed to our working interest partners from this project yielding over 400% net return on their investment.

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Lema Prospect

Total Depth:  7,285′

Date of first production:  9/3/2004

IP = Flowing 505 BOPD on 19/64″ Choke

Cumulative Production to Date = 146,285 Barrels of Oil

Project Summary: 

In 1971 our Lema Prospect was almost discovered but was missed by just 700 feet because 3D seismic data was not in common use at the time. Instead the proposed well was drilled that produced a show of oil but nothing of commercial quantity. Thirty-three years later our 3D seismic data revealed the feature. Geology 101 is “drill up-dip from a show”. We drilled our Lema Prospect and repaid our partners their investment in less than 90 days, then went on to return to them 726% Net Return on their investment prior to tax deduction considerations.

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Maness Prospect

Total Depth: 6,410′

Date of first production:  3/17/2010

IP = Flowing 222 BOPD on 12/64″ Choke

Cumulative Production to Date = 289,209 Barrels of Oil

Project Summary: 

The Maness Prospect was defined by modern, high quality 3D seismic data. It could never be found by any other means for it is only 15 acres in size. When we announced our intention to drill the Maness feature some old-time geologists said we had lost our collective minds. Needless to say we place a lot of faith in our scientists. We have over 250 years of experience residing in our scientist’s skulls. Someone with 20 years experience is a “newcomer”.

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Suzy Q Prospect

Total Depth:  6,250′

Date of first production:  12/18/2010

IP = Flowing 414 BOPD on 14/64″ Choke

Cumulative Production to Date = 184,285 Barrels of Oil

Project Summary: 

The Suzy Q Prospect was defined by modern, high quality 3D seismic data. It could never be found by any other means for it is only 12 acres in size. We were able to set up the drill rig directly over the prospect but we used directional motors to drill the well because the target was really small. Drilling this prospect was equivalent to threading a needle at arm’s length! The directional driller placed the bottom of the hole within a few feet of the X-Y coordinate.

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Pecan Grove Prospect

Total Depth: 5,706′

Date of first production:  8/17/2010

IP = Flowing 510 BOPD on 14/64″ Choke

Cumulative Production to Date = 219,260 BO and .110 BCFG

Project Summary:

The Pecan Grove Prospect developed from 3D seismic data research that revealed a structural trap lying beneath a lake! We had to set the drill rig off the edge of the lake and directionally drill to the target a mile below. Our confidence in our directional drilling is high so it was of little concern but what was of great concern was the proximity of the lake! We erected safeguards to prevent ANY spill on our drill location from reaching the water of the lake. As it happened the weather was extremely wet that year. The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality commended our precautions saying they wished other operators were so conscientious. A 365% net return on investment has been realized on this well.

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Moon Glow Prospect

Total Depth:  6,050′

Date of first production:  9/25/2016

IP = Flowing 190 BOPD on 19/64″ Choke

Cumulative Production to Date = 10,500 Barrels of Oil

Note: This is a new well, EUR is 122,915 BO

Project Summary: 

The Moon Glow Prospect is a developmental well drilled to extend the boundary of a field discovered in the late 1950’s. Modern, high-effort 3D seismic data reveals how the producing horizon extends eastward from the wells drilled to establish the field. This well confirmed the predicted hydrocarbon entrapment and set up a multiple-well development drilling program.

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